Archive of Harki Laboratory News

January 2015: Welcome new group members Katlyn Fleming (graduate student), Kellan Passow (graduate student) and Jordan Baur (undergraduate student).

December 2014: Congratulations to Nick Struntz for receiving a competitive renewal to his American Heart Association predoctoral fellowship!

December 2014: Congratulations to Tenley Brown for receiving a Spring 2015 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) fellowship!

July 2014: Postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Aaron Kempema, leaves the lab and begins a position as Scientist I at Stem CentRx, Inc. Good luck Aaron!

June 2014: New UMN graduate Jacob Edwards (undergraduate researcher) concludes research in the group and will begin graduate studies in chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute. Good luck Jacob!

May 2014: Congratulations to new UMN graduate Eva Skellie (undergraduate researcher) as she begins her new position as Project Manager I at Pace Analytical Services, Inc.

May 2014: View Professor Harki's lecture from the Spring 2014 American Chemical Society National Meeting (ACS Login Required).

May 2014: Tenley Brown receives an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) fellowship for summer 2014. Congratulations Tenley!

April 2014: Congratulations to Stephanie Breunig for receiving a Heisig/Gleysteen summer undergraduate research fellowship from the Department of Chemistry!

April 2014: Maggie Olson received the inaugural Department of Medicinal Chemistry Abul-Hajj/Hanna Exceptional Graduate Student Award. Congratulations Maggie!

March 2014: Congratulations to Maggie Olson for receiving a NIH F31 NRSA predoctoral fellowship!January 2014: Welcome new group members Chris Richards (graduate student) and Stephanie Breunig (undergraduate student)!

December 2013: Tenley Brown & Jacob Edwards were awarded University of Minnesota Undergraduate Research Opportunities (UROP) fellowships for Spring 2014!

September 2013: Congratulations to Maggie Olson for receiving an American Chemical Society, Division of Medicinal Chemistry Predoctoral Fellowship for 2013-2014!

July 2013: The Harki lab has moved to the new Cancer and Cardiovascular Research Building (CCRB) on the University of Minnesota Campus. Check out our new labs (YouTube Video).

April 2013: Congratulations to Jacob Edwards for receiving a University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry Heisig/Gleysteen Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship!

April 2013: Dan Wang successfully defended her M.S. thesis "Synthesis and Evaluation of Parthenolide Analogues: Chemical Probes and Therapeutic Agents." Congratulations Dan!

April 2013: Bo receives a 2013 UMN College of Pharmacy Melendy/Peter's Summer Research Scholarship to conduct summer research in the lab. Congratulations Bo!

March 2013: Congratulations to Tim Andrews for successfully defending his M.S. thesis "Enhancing the Potency and Water Solubility of the Sesquiterpene Lactone Parthenolide" and beginning his new job as an Organic Chemist at LKT Laboratories, Inc.

January 2013: New graduate student Matt Bockman joins the lab. Welcome Matt!

December 2012: Maggie's article is featured on the cover of ChemMedChem!

December 2012: The Harki lab welcomes new undergraduate researchers Tenley Brown and Jessica Nickelson!

November 2012: Congratulations to Nick Struntz for receiving a 2-year American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship!

October 2012: Check out the Hyundai Hope on Wheels Ceremony that was recently held at Amplatz Children's Hospital (YouTube Video).

October 2012: Welcome to Bo Hu, a new Pharm.D. student researcher in the laboratory!

September 2012: Dr. Harki was named a 2012 V Foundation V Scholar.

September 2012: The Harki laboratory receives a grant from Hyundai Hope on Wheels to support collaborative research with the Ohlfest laboratory at UMN.

August 2012: Torie Grover leaves the laboratory to begin Pharmacy school at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Good Luck Torie! 

August 2012: Jacob Edwards joins the laboratory as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome Jacob!

July 2012: Matt Bockman joins the laboratory for a summer research rotation. Welcome Matt!

June 2012: The Harki group welcomes new postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Aaron Kempema

June 2012: Welcome to Eva Skellie, a new undergraduate researcher in the group.

May 2012: Congratulations to Tram Vo for being awarded a University of Minnesota UROP fellowship.

April 2012: Congratulations to Maggie Olson for receiving an American Chemical Society Women Chemists Committee / Eli Lilly & Co. travel grant to the Fall 2012 ACS National Meeting.

February 2012: The Harki laboratory welcomes new members Daniel Abate-Pella (postdoctoral associate), John Widen (graduate student) and Tram Vo (undergraduate researcher).

January 2012: Congratulations to Dr. Tianshun Hu as he begins a new position as a Medicinal Chemistry Project Manager at Ascepion Pharmaceuticals. Good luck Tianshun!

December 2011: Harki lab - Harris lab collaborative project to identify small molecule APOBEC3 inhibitors receives support from a UMN Academic Health Center Faculty Research Development Grant.

September 2011: Postdoc Dennis Brown leaves the laboratory to begin his new position as Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Manchester College. Good luck Dennis!

September 2011: John Widen joins the laboratory for a research rotation. Welcome John!

September 2011: Congratulations to Maggie Olson for winning a Bighley Graduate Fellowship from the UMN College of Pharmacy!

June 2011: Nick Struntz and Maggie Olson are selected as trainees for the NIH Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Grant for 2011-2012. Congratulations Nick and Maggie!

June 2011: Arnie Groehler joins the laboratory for a summer research rotation. Welcome Arnie!

June 2011: Our research with the Kaufmann laboratory (Mayo) is highlighted on the MN-Mayo Partnership website.

May 2011: Dan Wang is awarded a 2-year American Heart Association predoctoral fellowship. Congratulations Dan!

May 2011: Congratulations to Torie Grover and Ezra Menon for being awarded University of Minnesota UROP fellowships.

February 2011: Harki laboratory receives funding from the MN-Mayo Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics for our collaborative project with the Kaufmann laboratory at the Mayo Clinic. Media Release.

February 2011: Harki laboratory receives funding from the UMN Masonic Cancer Center, Leukemia Research Fund/Danny Thompson Memorial Golf Tournament to study the mechanism of action of parthenolide against AML.

January 2011: New members Tim Andrews (graduate student), Dennis Brown (postdoctoral research associate), Maggie Olson (graduate student) and Torie Grover (undergraduate researcher) join the laboratory. Welcome!

November 2010: Harki laboratory receives funding from the UMN Brain Tumor Research Program, supported by the Children's Cancer Research Fund to develop novel parthenolide analogues targeting brain tumors.

October 2010: Ezra Menon joins the laboratory as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome Ezra!

August 2010: Tim Andrews joins the laboratory for a research rotation. Welcome Tim!

June 2010: Maggie Olson joins the laboratory for a summer research rotation. Welcome Maggie!

June 2010: Nick Struntz is selected as a trainee for the NIH Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Grant. Congratulations Nick!

March 2010: Tim Tran joins the laboratory as an undergraduate researcher.