Research Summary

Barry Finzel, Ph.D.
Department of Medicinal Chemistry

2-160 Weaver-Densford Hall

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B.S., Eastern Michigan University, 1979
Ph.D., University of California, San Diego, 1983

Research Interests
Our laboratory is just being re-established in an academic setting after nearly twenty years in new drug discovery science in a Big Pharma research environment. There, our research focus had been on providing detailed experimental structural data to support medicinal chemistry, analog synthesis and drug design through the use of X-ray crystallography of targeted protein-ligand (drug candidate) complexes.  Three-dimensional molecular structures of enzymes or receptor binding sites can provide irreplaceable insights into details of protein-small molecule interactions that fuel iterative analog synthesis in a process of structure-based ligand design.  We have studied targets involved in a wide variety of different therapeutic areas including inflammation (ligand-gated ion channels), cancer (matrix metalloproteinases; programmed cell death), and infectious diseases (HCV polymerase).  Our present research hopes to build upon this strong foundation to provide timely and insightful experimental structural data to aid collaborators in the design of chemical probes with unique biochemical or pharmalogical properties.  Our long-term goal is to accelerate the design of inhibitors against increasingly more challenging therapeutic targets through development and application of novel methodologies in structural biology.  We are always exploring new computational methods for structural data delivery and utilization in the structure-based design of new chemical agents.