Finzel Research Group

 Finzel Group, Oct 2010

The Finzel group is engaged in structural biology research aimed at accelerating the development of medicinal agents and specific inhibitors of drug targets to advance the understanding of disease control.  The group currently includes three post-doctoral associates, two graduate students and research assistants.  

We utilize protein crystallography to study the binding of small-molecule inhibitors to potential drug targets, See the Projects page for a list of currently funded projects.  Our laboratory on the ground floor of Weaver-Densford Hall on the Twin Cities Campus (East Bank) of the University of Minnesota is well-equipped for protein chemistry necessary to over-express and purify proteins, and to crystalize and investigate protein structure by analysis of X-ray diffraction.  We often utilize the synchrotron X-ray sources at the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley, CA (Beamline 4.2.2 of the Molecular Biology Consortium), and the Advanced Photon Source (Argonne, IL) for diffraction experiments, but also have access to our on diffraction equipment housed in the Kahlert Structural Biology Laboratory in Nils Hasselmo Hall.